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About King Kabob

Passion for Healthy Food
From the Heart

Fresh Healthy Mediterranean Food Delivered Fast

Holy Shish Kabob! That is all we’ve got to say around here at King Kabob. We thought it would be much easier to bring Mediterranean food to you. Our Mediterranean food is a combination and fusion of exotic and familiar tastes. You won’t ever catch us serving canned food. Our ingredients are always fresh, made from scratch, cooked to perfection, and oh so kabobalicious. We’ve been around since April 2010, so I guess we must be doing something right. It might be that owner Haroon Ali is always adamant about giving his customers the best dining experience. We are a family-run Healthy Grill, which is why we feel all our staff and customers are a part of our extended family. Don’t miss out on adventuring into new flavors, so join us and check out what’s been grilling healthy!


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